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May 8, 2019 – Mr. Wine Guy
Jnani Matson and John Boich toasting for Mr. Wine Guy Podcast

We would like to offer a shout out to our new friend Michael Gallagher, creator of the Mr. Wine Guy Podcast. Michael reached out to us earlier this year inquiring about the story behind the Rising Star in Napa (that would be us). After hearing about the roots of Boich Family Cellar, Michael decided to include us in his line up of outstanding podcasts. So, if you have not yet heard the whole story, this is your chance. I spent an hour with Michael sharing the details all the way back to the serendipitous purchase of the first ten acres in the Mount Veeder AVA back in 1997. If you happen to have a bottle of Boich wine within reach, it goes well with this podcast.  LISTEN

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