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Single vineyard designated wines from the region’s most iconic and proven vineyards

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John Boich proprietor

John Boich | Founder

Welcome to Boich Family Cellar, a place where shared passion for exceptional wines is deeply valued. We specialize in crafting limited quantities of single vineyard designated wines, sourced from the region’s most iconic and proven vineyard sites. Our belief is that by marrying first growth caliber vineyards with expert winemaking skills, we can create truly remarkable wines. 

Our wines are available to our valued club members on an allocation basis. If you’re already a club member, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your support. If you’re interested in becoming a member, we invite you to learn more about the process here. 

Membership at Boich Family Cellar is more than just about the wine—it’s about embracing a lifestyle that connects people with shared values and interests. We invite you to become part of our community as we craft world-class wines and create enduring, cherished memories. Welcome to the experience that is Boich Family Cellar.  

John Boich proprietor

Jeff Ames | Winemaker 

Jeff Ames, who was recognized as a rising star in Napa by Wine Spectator magazine in 2011, has since ascended to the ranks of Napa’s most esteemed winemakers. His projects at Schrader, Maybach, Outpost, and Tor have solidified his reputation. Like his mentor Thomas Brown, Jeff is part of a unique group of winemakers who have learned their craft through hands-on experience. The science of winemaking is the easy part, it’s the art that takes time to master.  

Jeff is a purist, ensuring that each wine truly represents its vineyard of origin. He believes that while high-quality fruit is essential, it’s just the starting point. The 22-month journey from vineyard to bottle requires an immense amount of hands-on care only possible with small production projects. These insights have earned Jeff accolades from mainstream wine critics. As a lead or assistant winemaker, Jeff has contributed to over twenty wines that have achieved a perfect 100-point score, a remarkable achievement. 

Team at Boich

In the realm of small collaborative teams lies the potential to accomplish great things. Such teams excel when each member’s unique perspective is heard and valued, creating an environment rich in mutual support and respect. This foundation enables honest feedback and collective problem-solving, fostering a synergy that propels the team towards remarkable outcomes, surpassing the sum of its parts. Since our inception in 2012, Boich Family wines have ascended to the top 1% of wines globally, earning the highest accolades from the most discerning wine critics. This success underscores that shared values, shared vision, and inclusiveness paves the way for groundbreaking achievements. 

Jeff Ames, Head Winemaker | Ed Kuchar, Partner | Rebecca Dyer, Director of Member Services | Lisa Mae, Senior Sales Executive | John Boich, Founder | Gayle Olson-Boich | Abby Lynch, General Manager | Patricio Paso Viola, Assistant Winemaker 

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