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October 2021 – Italy

One of the benefits of being a vintner in Napa Valley is establishing a network of fellow vintners in wine growing regions around the world—truly an amazing experience. Gayle and I just returned from Italy where we toured Umbria and Tuscany discovering amazing wines and making new friends in the region. We are excited to share our findings with our Boich Family wine community. If you have plans to visit these regions, please let us know and we will be happy to share our findings with you.

Montalcino is a must-see area for one of the best expressions of the Sangiovese varietal. This is a hilltop village with more enotecas than cafes, the entire community revolves around wine.  If you enjoy Super Tuscan wines, the village of Bolgheri is your spot, home of the celebrated Sassicaia and many more delicious blends.  For the real adventures, Umbria is where you will find the little-known but delicious Sagrantino varietal. Whatever your preference, Italy has you covered. We highly recommend a visit! We have stocked our cellar so on your next visit, we will share our new stash with you. Until then, be well. 

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