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August 17, 2018 – Resting in the Cellar

The 2015/2016 vintage wines are bottled and resting in our cellar awaiting their grand debut into your cellar. The temperature is just right, and the juice is enjoying the subtle vibration of Spanish guitar piped in 24/7 (Ottmar Liebert is the artist if you’re interested). I know what you’re saying, oh that’s nuts, but I really think the juice likes it and the vibration encourages those chains of acid to bond, lengthen and give these wines that long, lingering finish we all know and love from Boich. I mean, put yourself in the juice’s shoes for a moment. It wasn’t that long ago you were in a 225-liter barrel frolicking and bonding with all your juice friends now you’ve all been separated into little 750ml bottles, corked and put into a dark, cool place! It seems cruel, but it’s a necessary evil so you and I can reap the hedonistic bounty from this ancient process. The least I can do, as a mere Shepard, is provide a little calming entertainment for our precious, coveted juice friends.   

The life of juice aside, I can say the coming release is super special. It includes our first Cabernet Sauvignon from the historic Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper Vineyard in Oakville, our always amazing Beckstoffer Georges III and, of course, our baby and rising star Wall Road Vineyard (which, by the way, has received a 95-point score out of the gate!) For those of you in the Napa neighborhood over the coming month, we will be sharing sneak peaks of the wines if you can make it up to the estate. If not, no worries, just keep an eye out for your allocation email. This is a special batch indeed, I’m sure you’re gonna love it! Until next time, JB

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