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Beckstoffer Vineyard Georges III - Napa Valley

Historical records show that a portion of this vineyard was planted in 1895 by Mrs. Thomas Rutherford. This 300-acre parcel first purchased by Beaulieu founder Georges de Latour in 1928 and called Beaulieu Vineyard Ranch #3, was the home to BV’s George de Latour Private Reserve made by the renowned winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff. These wines achieved wide acclaim beginning in the 1940’s and established BV’s pre-eminence in the making of fine Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper Vineyard, Napa Valley

Located north of the town of Yountville in the Oakville AVA, Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper was originally part of a large piece of land owned by George Yount from whom the town of Yountville takes its name. Purchased by Charles Hopper and given to his daughter Missouri in 1977, the land was planted with wine grapes. In 1960’s the land was purchased by Bruce Kelham as part of the historic Vine Hill Ranch. 

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Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard, Napa Valley

Perhaps the most famous of the Beckstoffer vineyards, Beckstoffer To Kalon was purchased from Beaulieu Vineyards in 1993. Napa pioneer Hamilton Crabb first planted the vineyard in 1868 and it has produced some of the finest red wine grapes ever since. Formerly known as BV #4, the To Kalon vineyard was among the BV vineyards that went into the coveted BV Private Reserve. In 2007 the property was placed under a land conservation easement that forever prohibits non-agricultural development. 

Wall Road Vineyard, Mount Veeder

Located at the northern tip of the Mount Veeder AVA due west of the To Kalon vineyard this 3-acre mountain top gem was planted in 1999 by Duane Wall, son of the original 1934 Napa settler Peter Wall. The sloping terrain with a south/southeast orientation allows for a long and steady growing season above the marine layer that cools Napa Valley. Purchased in 2012 by Boich Family Cellar the Wall Road Vineyard is quickly being recognized as one of the premier vineyards in the Mount Veeder AVA.

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Ritchie Vineyard, Russian River Valley

Situated in the center of the Russian River AVA the Ritchie Vineyard has been the fruit source for some of the most celebrated Sonoma Chardonnays including Marc Aubert, DuMol, Paul Hobbs and now Boich Family Cellar. The Russian River micro climate together with benchland soil of pure Goldridge Loam make for ideal growing conditions.

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